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live copywriting training

From Raymond Duke

Get 5 weeks of live, 2-hour training (with q&A), & lifetime access to replays

Dear Aspiring Copywriter,

I don't have time to write you a long form sales letter, so I'm going to keep this brief and to-the-point instead.

For 5 weeks, at a not-yet-determined date, I'm going to conduct live, 2-hour training sessions with Q&A. This means you'll get roughly 10 hours worth of copywriting training — and lifetime access to replays, if you decide to reserve a seat.

This will be a one-time purchase. I may offer a recurring membership product at the end of the 5 weeks, but that's yet to be decided.

I'm already breaking so many "rules" with this sales letter, but I don't care. Copywriting is about using several key principles — not adhering to them directly. 

Here's What I'll Cover

Week 1 - Basics:

During the first weekly training, I'll cover the basic, yet highly-important, copywriting. I'll cover things like features vs. benefits, emotion vs. logic, and how to speak conversationally. For some people this won't be new, but this is the stuff that's worth hearing again and again (even highly-experienced copywriters forget these basics).

Week 2 - Principles:

The second week will cover several copywriting principles, such as how to handle objections, how to pace the future, and how to connect with your reader through story. This week will have more "how-to" training than week 1. 

Week 3 - Components:

Now that you've learned the basics and several principles, I'll cover how to use them in headlines, bullets, and closes. Week 1 and 2 is all about what ingredients to use and why we use them, whereas week 3 is about baking the cake. 

Week 4 - Process:

During week 4 I'll breakdown my copywriting process. I'll explain how I research, write, and get words on the screen. I'll walk you through my copywriting method, so you can model it to help you write.

Week 5 - Editing:

Most first drafts suck, but with the right massaging, you can make it great. Week 5 will be about how to make your copy go from good to great. I'll share several techniques I use to turn copy I barf on the screen to copy worth serving at a 5-star Michelin restaurant. 





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