The most uncomfortable compliment I've ever received

In reference to me having to reschedule one of my weekly Copy Calls, due to time zone shift (I'm currently in Vladivostok, Russia), a customer emailed me this message:

This is the reason why one should be self employed... Just nonchalantly cancelling or rescheduling something prompts me a boner

Okay, so... here's my reply:

  1. Thanks for sharing and congrats on winning "The Most Uncomfortable Compliment I've Ever Received Trophy"*.

  2. If how I run the "beta test" for my Copy Calls prompts such a response... then you best brace yourself and plan to take time off from work for the upcoming changes to Simple Sales Writing, my online school for all things copywriting. You've been warned.

For accessing the programs before the updates (and the potential price increase), visit the link below:

Raymond Duke

P.S. The domain for my school is SSL protected with https, making it safe, secure, and virus free.

P.P.S. *There isn't actually a trophy.

Raymond Duke