So, you want to be a guru?

I'm sure at one point, no matter how briefly, you thought about building a business around yourself. Maybe you're already working on being a "guru" right now.

Using social media, it's not a bad idea. If you stick with it, you can reach millions of people for little to no money.

But as sexy as that sounds, there are some downsides to being a guru. These are things I've experienced personally and from the people I work with.

Here are some truths about guruism...

  • People buy into you more than the product/service. This means you have the build all of your sales messages around your personality. This isn't a problem in itself, but the thing is... once you build a personality, that's what people expect, so you can't deviate from it without losing customers.

  • It's more work than you might think. When you see gurus on social media, you're not seeing what goes on "behind the curtain". I had a call recently with a guy who manages a very successful offline business. Yet as much money as it was making, he felt that being an online guru would be less work. The reality is, it'd be MORE work to create daily content, book interviews, maintain character (see first bullet), create products, manage staff, and so on.

  • The real — and only — money to be made is in high-ticket coaching. Everything on the frontend is either breaking even or losing money, especially in the online marketing space... where you have people "funnel hacking" your digital marketing campaigns the day they launch. This is why, as a guru, the big money is in whoring out your time to work with people directly. Which is essentially a service business, if you think about it. It all comes full circle... the thing that attracts people to being a guru (spending less time working) is the one thing that makes the most money.

So, there you go.

Being a guru can work and it's not a bad idea.

Just know what you're getting into before you go all-in.

And of course, no matter if you want to pursue guruism or write for them (like I do), you'll need to up your copywriting game.

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Raymond Duke

Raymond Duke