Should drugs be legal?

I smoke weed from time to time, but it's becoming more of a rare event. In certain countries (such as where I'm at currently), smoking weed is highly illegal and not worth the risk. Japan was another example. It was possible to purchase weed there, but it wasn't worth my time or energy to procure.

Considering that in California, my home state, you can now walk into a store and buy weed for recreational use as easily as buying milk and bread. So of course I had to try it when I visited Cali in December. I experimented with various pens and edibles to see what I liked the most. For both science and fun.

I remember not feeling the effects of overeating some edibles. A rookie mistake, but I waited 2 hours and felt nothing. They usually kick in after one. Anyway, once they did finally kick in, they woke me up from my rest and I had a rather strange sensation. It was a mixture of both fear, excitement, and wonder. I felt like the universe could end at any moment and somehow, I was extremely aware of this fact.

It wasn't an experience I'd like to repeat, but I don't regret having it. Growing up, weed was illegal and that's what made it appealing. But now that it's so easy to get, it's not something I'm so eager to smoke. I figured it might help me become more creative, but it usually makes me want to veg out and do nothing. But everyone is different.

Makes me wonder if all drugs were legal, how much of a difference it would make. Perhaps if they were, people wouldn't even want to do them so much. The argument for making them legal is it'd reduce crime and improve the economy. The argument against making them legal is people would become addicts and it'd increase drug use.

What do you think?

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Raymond Duke