My biggest copywriting mistake

I've invested tens of thousands (possibly over $100k, but I don't want or need to verify —it's basically A LOT) in different side projects over the years. Some of them were making me a few grand a day automatically, but they all eventually stopped working. Bummer. I don't regret starting these projects. Each attempt taught me something new, such as how to test on a small budget, how to run and optimize FB ads using events, and how to set up postbacks for CPA affiliate marketing campaigns.

Yet when I look at everything I've worked on, there's one thing I could've done much better — build email lists.

When I spent $30,000 last year generating leads for life insurance, for example, I was sending traffic from sites on CNN and Fox News to a flow that looked like this: ad --> advertorial --> offer. It worked. But, I should've set it up like this --> ad --> landing page --> email optin --> offer --> email (infinity). With that second approach, it would have been more profitable over time. Because someone interested in a life insurance quote may also be interested in a new mortgage, auto insurance, etc.

Anyway, my point: if you're doing any kind of marketing, don't just go for the offer — build a list instead. You may earn more on the front-end, but you'll be building an asset you can earn money from again (and again and again) over time.

As a copywriter, building a list is a huge competitive advantage vs. other marketers chasing short-term profits. If you can get someone to opt in to your list and keep them engaged with your content, they'll eventually buy from you. Maybe not right away, but it will happen. Considering that you can email tens of thousands of people for a few hundred bucks a month, the ROI potential is massive.

I'm putting this into practice, starting tomorrow, when I release the free copywriting course I'll be using to build my own list. Since you're already on my email list, I'll send you the link first. Until then.

If you're looking for a good book that'll introduce you to list building, funnels, and so on, start here.

Raymond Duke