Is this important?

One nifty way I keep my head clear of bullshit (which as a result, helps me become more productive, less stressed, and overall — a happier man) is whenever something grabs my attention, I ask myself:

"Is this important?"

This question is especially useful when it comes to social media. Sure it's nice to see photo updates from your friends and family, laugh at memes, and see what other people are thinking about.

But in most cases, social media sucks you up, spits you out, and makes you wonder — where did my time go?

This is why, for the past several weeks, I've adopted this approach toward social media:

  1. Scroll through my feeds

  2. Unfollow/unfriend ppl who blatantly self-promote, bore me, post too many memes, talk about politics, and those who I can't remember WHY I've added in the first place

  3. Engage with the small number of people I like (quality over quantity)

As a result, I'm now checking social media less. And when I do, I'm interacting with the people I want — instead of being presented with people, pages, and other things I consider unimportant.

In copywriting, the "Is this important?" question is, well, important too.

It's a question that's especially useful when finalizing your copy. Try this sometime: while reading/editing your copy, ask yourself:

  • Is this word important?

  • Is this sentence important?

  • Is what the main point I'm making in my copy important?

If it's unimportant, remove it. If the reason WHY it's important isn't there, add it. Just be sure you're putting yourself in the shoes of your reader when asking yourself that question.

Because what's important to them, may not be important to you.

Raymond Duke