This is Woo Woo, but I still want to try it

I had a date last night telling me about grounding and how it can reduce inflammation.

A bold claim, possibly backed by science. 

I haven't looked too much into myself, but I'm open minded; the universe is a wonderous place, and there's so much we don't yet know. 

So what is grounding?

Basically, grounding (or earthing) it's connecting your body to the earth, usually through your feet.

Supposedly this benefits you by rebalancing the ions in your system.  

For a better explanation, watch the video and check out the science that supports the claims.

By the way, the video interests me as a copywriter because it:

  • Introduced a new concept

  • Made me want to try it

It wouldn't be a bad thing to breakdown the structure of the video and use it for a promo.

While grounding may or may not be legit, the video was convincing. 

Trying it soon is now on my to-do list.  

What about you — do you believe in grounding, or have you tried it already?

Raymond Duke