How to sell mundane products (like t-shirts)

If you've been following my Instagram (the only social media I've been using lately), you've seen that I've been hanging out in the UK. What you probably don't know is the reason why is because two of my very good friends, Jeremy and Charlotte, got married.

Jeremy is actually the man responsible for my lifestyle of traveling and working online. It happened when he invited me to Cape Town in January 2016 and said, "Did you buy a roundtrip or a one-way flight?"

I was confused at the time, because my entire life I figured that you travel then go home. That's how "normal" people do it. But halfway through the trip — it hit me: why go home when I can travel and work online? Thus began a year of traveling the world.

I haven't stopped since.

Another interesting thing about my newlywed friends is that they generate millions a year selling t-shirts. He does the ads, she does the designs. Talk about a win-win relationship.

If you want to know the secret to selling t-shirts, or any other mundane product, here's what it is:

It has very little to do with the product.

You can have the coolest designs in the world, but there's something much more important when it comes to getting sales. People buy t-shirts for one reason, and one reason only — it's how they identify with the brand behind the product.

Here's an example of another business making millions a year selling shirts — Beautiful Disaster. I actually wrote a little copy for this brand a few weeks ago.

While researching their company, I was reminded why people make buying decisions based on how they identify with the brand.

You can connect with someone's identity by answering these two questions:

  • How does my brand reinforce the identity someone has — or the one they strive to achieve?

  • How can I connect with my market on an emotional level?

Find a good way to answer these and people will feel naturally compelled to buy your products, even if it's a boring and cheap item like a shirt, bracelet, or coffee mug.

Hope this helps...

Raymond Duke

Raymond Duke