How this horrible copywriter continues to have fun and make money

I don't claim to be the best copywriter. That's too much responsibility. Plus, there are many copywriters out there who've made way more than I have (about $500,000 net from client work).

Yet even though I'm not the best, I'm still very happy. In fact, I'm happier now than at any other point in my life. I'm making good money (five figures a month), my new girlfriend is amazing, and I actually have fun doing what I do.

One of the techniques I use that keeps me moving forward is writing fast. After several years of writing copy, I stumbled upon a writing system that works for me and my personality. Perhaps my technique can help you too.

It starts with disconnecting myself emotionally from my first draft. It's ironic because copywriting is about connecting emotionally with your reader. But when it comes to writing copy, you don't want to be too emotional about your work — especially your draft. Let the writing flow. You can edit later.

Next, take a break. I prefer to edit my draft with a fresh pair of eyes. This is why I try and do things completely unrelated to copywriting between my drafts and edits. Lately, I've even been disconnecting as much as possible from the internet during this step. Going out and exploring the world with my girlfriend helps.

Finally, edit and finalize. The goal here is to make the copy flow, in a clear, conversational, and non-boring way. Having someone else read your copy helps a lot here. Or, you can read your copy out loud to other people. At this step, you're not looking for them to say, "Oh, that's such great writing!" No! You want them to say, "Where can I BUY this?"

These concepts may seem simple, but that's the point. When it comes to writing copy, simplicity is best. This is why I've been working on new free and paid training based on simple sales writing. Keep an eye on out as I'll be sharing more info about this soon.

In other news, a client and friend of mine (Tai Lopez) has a new program that's really taking off. While it wouldn't be cool to share the stats, I will say that this simple sales page is making a lot of money. The reason why?

Because it's a very attractive offer. Something to keep in mind for your next copywriting project — instead of writing a super long sales page, focus on creating a killer offer first. This is especially important during the first launch of a program.

Raymond Duke