How Kelly went from zero to $50mm (video series)

Something came up on my radar that was too good not to share.

It's a detailed video series about how an internet marketer named Kelly took a 19 page ebook about credit, and scaled it from $3k per month on Clickbank, to over $50mm in sales...

And ended up being the #1 selling product on American TV. (ahead of Beach Body, Lifelock, Guthy Renker and more)

This isn't free, but it's worth the investment (if you can afford it).

But I wouldn't go into debt, or spend money you don't have, to get the video series.

Keep your eyes on the prize — best to build your freelancing copywriting business first.

One of the many benefits of making money from copywriting is being about to afford books, courses, and consulting.

Even though I'm not planning on launching a product on TV… I'm still buying Kelly’s program.

The reason why is because the lessons will give me a competitive edge vs. other copywriters, which puts me in a better position to help my clients.

One last thing:

Even if you don't plan on buying, I'd still read this sales letter.

It's a good example of a straightforward, non-hypeful way to get sell a product or service.

Def worth adding to your "swipe file" (a collection of copy you can use for inspiration).

Raymond Duke

Raymond Duke