Driving Through Space

This afternoon I was invited to a luxury beach villa, one hour north of my current destination — Cape Town.

My friends rented this villa for a few nights, so they can do a photoshoot with models for their company, Om and Ah.

A nice villa by the beach, with models?

Count me in.

(I’ve been meaning to test grounding, so it all worked out.)


Because I left Cape Town in the evening, the drive along the west coast of South Africa was surreal; it was dark, foggy, and at times, spooky.

Listening to Tiamat’s Wrath, sci-fi space opera, was fitting.

As I was driving my car through darkness, I couldn’t help but imagine myself driving a ship through space.

I’ll likely not drive a spaceship in my lifetime, I imagine.

But someone in my lineage?

It’s possible.

Space is something I think about fairly often, because it allows me to take my mind off all of the usual daily bullshit in the news.

There’s a much bigger world out there, waiting to be discovered.

What about you — does space cross your mind?

Raymond Duke