From $0 to ??? in 90 days (early access)

From $0 to ??? in 90 days (early access)

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Join me as I build a freelance copywriting business… from scratch!

Starting with a brand new profile on Upwork, I’m going to share everything I do to make as much money as possible within 90 days.

Results so far

  • Day 1 - 3: 5 proposals sent

  • Day 4: first client closed at $20/hour

What you get inside the group:

  • How I wrote a brand new profile

  • How I get clients — without experience

  • How I write the copy

  • How I raise my rates

  • How I use reviews and relationships to transition toward ongoing work

I will NOT be leveraging anything other than my copywriting skills. Potential clients will see me as a baby faced newbie.

Every step I take will be documented. I’ll reveal how I build my profile, write my proposals, and I’ll even show you the copy I’m writing for my clients. You’ll be able to look over my shoulder and see EVERYTHING I’m doing!

People say it’s impossible to make money using job sites. I disagree. And I’m willing to demonstrate how it’s done during a live, 90-day case study.

If you join today, you’ll get to:

  • Interact with me directly inside of a Facebook group

  • Get ongoing updates as I’m building a freelance copywriting business on Upwork

  • See screenshots of the proposals, jobs, and even the copy I write for clients

As I add more to the program, the price to access this live case study will go up.

And once the 90 days are completed… the program will go from a one-time purchase to a monthly subscription.

Click the button below to purchase… at the lowest price and best rate possible!

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