I travel the world, have fun, while getting paid to write ads.

3-Month Mentorship

Can I Help You Make $5,000 In 90 Days With Copywriting?

This Won't Be Cheap, But It Can Potentially Earn You A Fortune

Would you like to become a well-paid copywriter who makes as much as he (or she) wants?

It won't be easy. 

And it won't be cheap.

But if you're interested in making $5,000 in 90 days as a freelance copywriter, then I'd like to personally mentor you from unknown writer to making thousands of dollars (or more) per project.

And share lessons that took me years to figure out, can be taught in 90 days.

In 3 month's time, I'm willing to help you:

  • Write copy
  • Make clients come to you
  • Supplement your income when you're not freelancing (so you can pick and choose who you work with)
  • Stop trading time for money (and get paid for your skills instead)
  • Upsell your clients to higher-paid services (and retainer agreements)

And, so much more (including ANYTHING else that comes up during our time spent together)

I can't magically make your rich, but I can show you how highly-paid copywriters make money.

If you've been following my stuff, you've seen my lifestyle.

Currently: I'm in South Africa, in a little village called Simon's Bay.

I'm staying in a lodge.

This morning, I woke up, walked down to the beach, and hung out with penguins.


How cool is that?

You might not be interested in traveling the world, having fun, while making money as a freelance copywriter.

Perhaps you're a single mom who wants to earn more income on the side, after taking your daughter to school.

Whatever your situation may be, I want to help you... for a price.

It won't be cheap.

The reason why is because I'm going to give you PERSONALIZED attention, 1-on-1 for 90 days.

If you're willing to do that, here's what I'll do for you:

  • Get on a weekly 1-on-1 call to discuss your progress, next steps, and anything else you need help with
  • Set up a private WhatsApp chat for you to ask me anything you want, whenever you want (I'll personally respond within 1 day with a voice memo)
  • Make sure you get paid at least $5,000 in 3 months (or my mentorship is free)

You see that last bullet?

That's my guarantee to you.

If you don't make at least $5,000 in 3 months, your mentorship is free.

That is, I'll refund the money.

You'll pay nothing because I couldn't deliver my promise to you.

That being said, this isn't for anyone.

Personally, I have to be very careful who I mentor.

I only want people who are willing to DO what I say, or else we'll both waste our time (you won't get paid and I'll have taught you what I know for nothing).

So, what's the price?

$5,000, the same as my guarantee.

This opportunity is only for the 1% of the 1% who follow me.

If you think you have what it takes, reply back to this email so we can talk about it.

No pressure.

I'm not the type of person to push the hard sell.

I only want to help people who want to help themselves.

If you're interested, click the button below and answer a few questions for me.

Raymond Duke