What’s the best way to get high-paying copywriting clients?


If you wanna get paid what you’re worth as a freelance copywriter…

Without dealing with low-paying clients…

Here’s my advice —

Stop relying on:

  • Freelancing sites

  • Cold email blasts

  • Everything else 99% of freelance copywriters do

What to do instead?

If you want high-paying copywriting clients…


Go straight to the decision maker!


You see, here’s what happens when you post for work on a message board, such as LinkedIn or the Cult of Copy…

You put yourself in a “pool” of freelance copywriters.

When you do that, potential clients are considering hiring you based on price, credibility, and other factors outside of your control.

No bueno.

In a sales, you want to be the one in control of the situation.

You don’t want some random recruiter or middleman taking a cut or comparing you to $0.05 a word copywriters.

Going directly to the source means dealing with the decision maker —

The man, or woman, who:

  • Understands your value

  • Doesn’t get pushback from employees

  • Has the money to invest in your services

Business owners at the top of the food chain — the decision makers — aren’t wasting their time browsing job boards or reading forums.

Want more help?

Here’s how you…




I recently decided to sit down, turn on my laptop camera, and record 3 15-minute videos that reveal how to reach decision makers, so you can close high-paying copywriting projects.

The videos are sent to you over 3 days and get directly to the point.

The price?

About the same as taking me out to lunch.

I figure, if I’m going to sit down and share this with you, for 45 minutes, that’s the worth buying me a meal.

Interested in the training?


IN 3 DAYS, Here’s what you’ll learn…



  • How and why choosing a niche makes you more money

  • How to collect data to leverage when pitching to clients

  • 3 things to look for when researching potential client projects


  • How to identify what to offer a client

  • How to prepare your pitch — without being salesy or pushy

  • A repeatable process you can use to grow a part- or full-time freelance copywriting business


  • How to respond to clients who want to know your rates or see a portfolio

  • How to structure your first offer in a way that helps you get ongoing work

  • How to leverage your first project for a client in a way that leads to more work with more clients


  • On each of the daily lessons, there’s a comment section

  • Should you have a question, or a specific situation you need help with as you implement my advice, you can leave a comment

  • As often as possible, I’ll check the comments and respond to you personally with my advice

  • This bonus is almost the same as having me as your personal consultant, helping you close your next high-paying copywriting client!

All 3 days, including bonus, are available now.

You’ll get immediate access to Day 1, once you complete your purchase.


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Because this is the first time I’m offering this 3-day training, it’s significantly discounted.

The regular price is $29.

But for now, and for as long as I decide, it’s just $7.

To recap:

For $7, you’re getting:

  • 3 days of training that help you get your next high-paying copywriting client

  • A comment section, under each video, that allows you to interact with me and get help with implementing the daily lessons

  • Access to the training for $22 less than the regular price

This discount can, and will, go away at any time.

I imagine I’ll stop offering it once I have several success stories from copywriters who watched the videos and implemented the lessons.

Will you be one of the first success stories?

I’m here to do whatever I can to make that possible.

Click the “Add To Cart” button below and complete the purchase, using Stripe or PayPal, to access this 3-day training.


See you in the first video :)

Raymond Duke