Affiliate Disclaimer

As a marketer, I promote stuff...

And sometimes I get a commission if people buy something using my link.

I'm a fan of this method because I believe it's important to promote the stuff I like.

And, if I can earn a commission, then it's great because...

  • I get paid for the time spent studying the offer before I recommend it.
  • The seller's product (see: solution) gets into the hands of more buyers -- which is amazing because the more people who have the product, the less people will suffer from the problem it solves.
  • You -- the person who clicks my links -- access something I strongly support.

Products are like tools because we use them to help us complete a task; they move us toward a goal. 

There are times when you're not sure what tool to use, which is why we turn to recommendations from other people. Like me. 

It's my belief that you're keeping in touch with me because we have more than a few things in common -- like copywriting, marketing, sales funnels, or other things of this nature.

It's not my intention to mislead you, which why I'm making it clear that I use affiliate links when I can. Cool?

Thanks for understanding.

Raymond Duke