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How Cryptocurrency Helped Me Quadruple My Money 

In 2016 I bought $10 of Bitcoin.

One year later, I checked the value.

It went up 2,460%.

Watching my $10 grow to $256 got my attention.

So I bought more.

Ethereum and LiteCoin came next.

And within a few months, they also went up!

This got me to dive even deeper into cryptocurrency...

I started to:

  • Research new cryptos to buy
  • Learn from successful crypto experts
  • Make more purchases

That was about 6 months ago and I now have 20 coins in my portfolio.

Of which 17 are profitable.

These are the gains from my 3 biggest winners:

  • Crypto winner 1: 1,285%
  • Crypto winner 2: 358%
  • Crypto winner 3: 301%

And the dissapointments?

Nothing to lose sleep over:

  • Crypto failure 1: -29%
  • Crypto failure 2: -21%
  • Crypto failure 3: -10%

On average, I'm about 300% profitable — which means I've QUADRUPLED the money I've started with.

For the past few months, making money from crypto has been a secret. I didn't want to post about it until I got results.

I do not consider myself an expert.

Rather, I'm someone who's taking advantage of a wildly-profitable change in the global economy.

The few people I shared my story with wanted to know more.

Which validated the idea that I could post more about crypto on social media 24/7.

But that's not my style.

Rather — I prefer to keep my crypto updates restricted only to private group of people who're seriously interested.

For that reason, I started an email newsletter.

It's called Ray's Crypto Journey.

Subscribers of this newsletter will get regular updates from me as I'm making money from cryptocurrency.

I'll share:

  • What cryptos I'm buying
  • What resources I'm using
  • What ICOs I'm investing in

Want to sign up?

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Raymond Duke

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