I love Zanzibar!

What a wonderful transition from 1-3 hour Jeep drives through the Tanzanian Wildlands. Don't get me wrong, our 7-day Safari Tour was amazing. It's that after lots of time sitting down, it's nice to stand up, swim, and enjoy the beach.

Here's a pic of my view as I'm writing you this post.

Tempo House Zanzibar - Raymond Duke

One of the great things about Zanzibar is it borders the Indian Ocean. The great thing about the Indian is the water is warm. Growing up in California, next to the Pacific, I've never experienced warm ocean water. That is, unless I was at a hotel, but that doesn't count.

Got an exciting series of events lined up in Zanzibar. What am I most excited about? Getting some work done! Ha, I know, most people aren't excited about work. But I was never like most people, as I'm sure you're not either if you're still reading this post.

By the way, I want to give a shout out to Getaway Adventures for putting this tour together. If you're interested in experiencing the same tour as I am, shoot me a message if you want some info on how it went. I highly recommend using them!

I'm currently staying at the Tempo Hotel. It's a nice place, right along the beach. The one downside, so far, is it's next to the port. This means there's lots of cargo and cruise ships in the water. Fortunately, there's a shower conveniently located outside the ocean, so you can rinse off after you swim. The water isn't bad — I just imagine it's not the cleanest considering it's in an industrial area.

I'm excited about the rest of our stay here.

Stay tuned!

By the way, I'm putting together a presentation about the basics of copywriting. It'll be my way of teaching people how to turn your keyboard into cash machine.

Leave a comment below if you want a link to the training.