Why You Shouldn't Come To Gili Air

I woke up this morning on Gili Air island with some thoughts about why you shouldn't visit.

You should not travel to Gili Air if you:

1: Hate small bug bites

Unless mosquitos and spiders don't like your blood type, getting bit is unavoidable.

Thankfully my Airbnb host stocked the place with a large supply of Minyak Kayu Putih (Cajaput Oil) that works great for repelling bugs without making you smell funky.

2: Like wearing shoes

Gili Air has a much different pace than the city.

There are no automobiles and out of the 3,500 people on the island, I imagine less than 10 are wearing shoes. 

3: Prefer big cities

Last night's walk to dinner covered about 25-33% of the island.

See the pic below.

A 17-minute walk.

Do any of these 3 things bother you?

If not, then get your ass to Gili Air.

It's worth it.

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Gili AirRaymond Duke