Why Trump Won

So, the US has a new president.

Mr. Donald Trump.

Love him or hate him, he's our pres for the next 4 years. 

Since I'm in California, a Democratic state, everyone around me is shocked. Last night, while eating a delicious meal at The Counter, the joint was silent. I'm also fairly certain the woman near me was holding back her tears.

What an emotional election. 

Speaking of emotions, there was one key thing Trump did during this election that brought him the win. It was: using negative emotions — such as fear and hatred — to spark his base and fuel a fiery and supportive movement. The lesson here is negativity always spreads louder than positivity. Just look at the news. The human mind is naturally more fearful of what can go wrong when compared to being excited about what can go right.

To be fair, Hillary used negative emotions, too. But, for better or worse, she didn't use them as well as Trump. Because no matter what Trump did — including what was captured on video, people still supported him. Trump's way of manipulating the hearts and minds of people, in a "dark" way, was too strong for Democrats. Hell, even many Republicans didn't like his approach either.

And, here we are. Living in a world of Trump.

Time will tell if he'll really "make America great again" — or if we're all being trolled and this was just a publicity stunt for his next book. Personally, I felt as if America was already great because when I look at my life, I have little to no complaints. Freelancing copywriting has been very good to me. And when I do have things wrong around me, I fix them.

I know there's always room for improvement and the US is far from perfect, but I don't buy into the "pending Socialist Armageddon" a lot of Trump's base buys into.

Anyway, enough politics for today.

Let's take our minds off the White House and get back to what's happening in your house. Did you know it's possible to gather an audience of 100-1,000+ like-minded people using nothing else but your laptop? It's true.

Yes, you CAN build a base of supporters who rally with you, following you daily, and buy your products.

Cheesy merchandise with pithy taglines optional.

They're called webinars. And, for the next several days, the last software solution you'll ever need for hosting webinars is only a click away. It's called Demio.Checkout their sales page here.

I'm going to be talking about this product for the next week or so.

I've been in the beta and I'm in love with what it can do. As a special way of launching their product, they're discounting their annual subscription prices by 237-572%. Which is yuge. I'll let the sales page do the rest of the talking, for now.

Here ya go:


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