Why the rich stay richer than you

People complain that Kylie Jenner had help. That she had some kind of competitive advantage. That she isn't really a self-made millionaire. There's truth in what these people believe.

She did have help. She did have an advantage. But, here's the thing: she's richer than most because she *used* what options she had. She made the best outta what resources were readily available. There's NOTHING wrong with that. It should be applauded.

Right now you have the same type of resources. You have the internet. You have unlimited learning potential via YouTube. You have people who've made 6 to 8-figure incomes teaching you how've they done it. Will these resources make you a billionaire?

The chances are low, but it's possible. And besides, even just an extra $10,000 a month would be life changing for most people.

Logically, this makes sense. But since it's not an easy road, most will complain instead. They'll say it's not fair and people with money should give it away. It boggles the mind. People complain someone else had it too easy, but those same people want it easier for themselves.

What it all comes to do is this: there are two types of people in this world — those who enjoy the challenge and reap the rewards — and — those who bring down others for doing the hard work. Which type are you?