Why Is Bullshit, Bullshit? Because It's Bullshit

Has anyone thought about the bull's feelings?

Out of all the types of shits in the world, we've deemed a bull's shit as the type we use to describe nonsense, pointless, and meaningless nothingness. This sucks for the bull. An elephant's shit is bigger and nastier (and just $14.95 plus shipping).

And then there's horseshit.

Horses, like bulls, are on the spectrum of cooler-looking animals.

You know what spectrum I'm talking about.

The Spectrum Of Animal Coolness

From Uncool To Cool













(Backed by science)

Researching Bullshit

Wikipedia doesn't have a clear answer about why we call bullshit, bullshit. Neither do the first two results in Google. Therefore, the origins of bullshit shall remain a mystery forever.

While I could research the meaning of bullshit further and find the ultimate answer, I won't.


Because bullshit is bullshit and I'd rather focus my time and energy on things that aren't bullshit.

Bullshit doesn't serve a purpose

...and yet we're surrounded by bullshit every day.

We're overloaded with bullshit.

Bullshit cannot be avoided.

Bullshit is everywhere!

You're going to have to walk many miles in knee-deep bullshit throughout your life.

Some people like to bitch, complain, and go on and on about how all the bullshit they're dealing with. As if that's making a difference.

It doesn't; complaining, in most cases, is a selfish act. Complaining for no other reason than complaining, is... well, bullshit.

So what to do instead?

Make bullshit matter.

How to locate nuggets of gold within mounds of bullshit

With so much bullshit in the world, is there hope?

Yes, my good-looking blog reader, there is.

Instead of being like every other dolt who complains about bullshit, be the character in the story who attaches meaning to bullshit.

Better yet, be the voice that complains about the bullshit your market hates.

Let them know you understand the bullshit they're going through.

"Doesn't {insert the bullshit your market hates with here} suck?"

"Why, yes. Yes, it does, " they'll say.

And then the rest is up to you.

You'll have their full attention.

Use it wisely.

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Raymond Duke