Why I'm only eating once a day (focus, productivity, and more)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE eating.

Many of my travel photos are, in fact, pictures of food. But the reality is, most people today consume food for pleasure — not for survival.

Changing your eating habits from 3x to 1x changes you. Basically, your body slows down because you're giving it more time to digest. You're also putting less food in your stomach, which means less energy spent breaking down different nutrients.

The result of this is feeling less in a rush — and more focused.

If you're a minimalist who likes accomplishing goals like me, then you can appreciate these benefits.

Because everyone is different, I'm not promising anything. Plus, I'm not a doctor. The science behind eating and dieting is one of the most-debated topics today.

Yet what I can share, with confidence, is eating just once daily is something I've done in the past — with great results. I recently found a YouTube video that talks about the benefits of eating once a day. If you want to live longer, look younger, and have more focus, I suggest checking this out.

Have you tried eating once a day?

Would you?

Tokyo, JapanRaymond Duke