Why feelings > facts

So I've been checking Twitter more than usual lately. What prompted this? I'm not sure. Maybe I started because because our president uses it so much. Perhaps I just wanted something more in the moment.

Or it could possibly be because I randomly come across tweets like this:

Anyway, after spending some time on Twitter you often see the same names popping up — people who are "Twitter famous". 

Ben Shapiro is one of these people. Not to discredit him. He's also the Editor in Chief of a popular website called Daily Wire.

So why bring this up? One of the things I hear Ben talk about often is facts > feelings. It's his most-popular tweet and a slogan for his clothing.

While it's a popular idea, it's not how the world works. 

I wish it did. As a marketer, I love using data to make better decisions about the campaigns I write. Facts are good.

But the problem is, facts don't work in the modern world. Our society is driven by agendas. I wish we used more facts to better humanity, but instead people would rather find things to get emotional about.

For example, just the other day I saw a post on Facebook from a food blog sharing a recipe. It was a simple, step-by-step video that showed how to make a vegetable salad. Seems innocent, right?

Apparently, it wasn't. The post used — wait for it — the words "low carb" in the copy (*gasp*). I know. Shocking. I didn't even realize it until checking out the comments and seeing people go apeshit.

  • Carbs aren't bad! I'm unfollowing you!
  • This is low carb, but high calorie! How dare you post this!
  • Keto is bullshit!

In other words, people were getting way too emotional on social media.

About a vegetable salad recipe.

This isn't a new concept. I've just been seeing people finding ways to get more upset lately. If we lived in a world driven by facts, we wouldn't have people with agendas manipulating our emotions. Even on Ben's site, the top comments are from people expressing their anger. 

Anyway, here's the takeaway from a high level perspective.

Emotions are astronomically more powerful than facts. Emotions are what drive the masses. For a good book about this, read The True Believer by Eric Hoffer.