Why Entrepreneurs Should Read More Sci-Fi (Instead Of Just Business Books)

If all you read are business books, then you're limiting your potential.

Reading only one type of book is like going to the best restaurant in the world, and eating only bread. The world has more to offer you. Reading, and writing, should be a feast. The more you understand the different flavors that exist, the better you will be at satisfying the needs of others.

And, selling more stuff.

I'm currently in middle of a book called Death's End. It's a sci-fi book about humanity, our existence, and the universe. It also covers some other stuff, like the fourth dimension, hibernation, and Earth being colonized by aliens. 

The reason why I'm reading this book is it's helping me escape. Like any good fictional book, you can travel to new worlds and ideas simply by reading (or listening) to words someone else wrote. This concept, the ability to take someone on a journey using letters and sentences, is powerful. It's what makes fiction fascinating.

A lot of copywriters ask me what books to read. While I do have a few copywriting books I enjoy, my advice is simply to read anything and everything you can get your hands on. A good copywriter will discover lessons in any form of writing, from the small barber shop brochure to the 3-part sci-fi series I'm going through now.

The lesson here is to expand your mind by reading more than just one type of book. Give science fiction a try. Mentally escaping in fiction helps you come up with new ideas. Just keep an open mind as you read, and you will have an easier time when it comes to writing copy.

Why listen to me?

Well, I've helped sell close to a million dollars worth this month. And I've been able to do so while "working" no more than 4 hours a day. Some days, I don't even work at all.

If you're looking for some sci-fi to get into, I recommend the series of books I'm reading. 

This author may or may not know what copywriting is, but his writing has kept my attention for dozens of hours.

Which says a lot.

CopywritingRaymond Duke