What a Seed Can Teach You About Life

This is a story about a seed. Everything around you begins with a seed. Yes, a seed. A single object that — once planted — sprouts and grows into something else.

Let's talk about how this works. A seed doesn't need much to survive. In fact, a seed doesn't need anything man made. All a seed needs is water, light, and a place to grow.

This is why a seed will survive after we all die.

A seed gets water from the sky, ground, and air. Sometimes people add water to a seed, but it's not necessary. A seed will find water on its own. People can learn a lot from a seed. Like how to become self-reliant, for example.

They say if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. And if you teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime.

But, this post isn't about fish. We're talking about a seed.

So, let's continue.

Let's now talk about how a seed needs light. Light is abundant. Just look up — and there light is! Earth is lucky to have a lot of light. There are not many planets around that have sustainable light like work.

Maybe other planets have other living conditions for other organisms. But this isn't a post about other planets. This post is about a seed.

Many people today are seeking the light. They look externally for answers. When all they really have to do is learn from a seed. They should just look up — and see the answer they've been searching for!

You already have more than you need and you have the ability to earn all you could hope for. Light is everywhere. Stop looking, and start noticing.

A seed can grow just about anywhere. A seed changes itself based on its location.

Silversword Plant

In Hawaii there's this plant called a Silversword (see nearby pic). This plant grows near volcanoes and in some cases, directly on volcanic soil. You would think that hot lava might be bad for growth. That's not true. Magma releases rich source of nutrients from the earth's core that helps plants survive. Sure, the immediate effect is damaging. But, life goes on.

The lesson here is there is always life after death. An explosive situation may cause death, destruction, and chaos in your life. But remember a seed, the core of life itself. Think of how it continues to survive and thrive, even when the present conditions are at their worst.

Just give a seed a place to grow, and it will grow. Allow a seed to find light, and it will find it. Let a seed seek out its own water, and it will drink.

Worry less about what you want, and look toward what you need. If you think about it, you don't need much. Water, light, and ground to firmly plant your feet on.

That's all it takes to grow. That's all you need to become anything you want. From a seed to a twig to a mighty oak, you can become anything you want.

Now, go grow.

(Good luck.)

Raymond Duke