Why I'm against working weekends

The work-til-you-drop trend in our culture right now is toxic.

The good news is it's going away.

Here's my reply to people who tell me:

"But I need to work 10 hours a day today, so I don't have to tomorrow"

First of all, work shouldn't be something you grind through; it's ideally something you enjoy doing. Second, I'm willing to be you can get just as much done in 4 hours than you can in 10. It's about focusing your energy on getting things done, not dragging things out.

Taking time off and getting enough sleep is a priority.

No one gets old and says, "Damn! I wished I worked more!"


They wished they took better care of their health, spent more time with family, and took more risks. Life isn't about work, but when done right work can be enhancement to your life.

Raymond Duke