"Vice City Tokyo" - up all night, partying with a millionaire

"Raymond, everything you see here is a facade.
You see those girls talking to those guys?
They gets paid every time the guys drinks.
See the bartender? He got a cut for calling the girls here.
Everyone gets a piece.
It's all connected."

A few nights ago, a new buddy of mine (a millionaire who made his fortune in crypto) explained to me how things work in Roppongi, one of Tokyo's liveliest entertainment districts.

We started drinking around midnight... and didn't stop until 7am. It was quite a night. And one of the many fun experiences I've had during my travels.

People frequently tell me I'm living the dream life. They're right!

But I wouldn't be able to see so much about the world If it weren't for my ability to make money online. I can, and likely will (once I settle somewhere), write a book about my stories.

But for today, I want to talk about *how* I got here and why it's similar to how nightlife works in Roppongi.

Let's start with the fact that when you're new, no one trusts you. And why should they? You've yet to prove your worth.

So what's the solution? Simple. Do just that — prove your worth.

If I were starting over... I'd focus my time on getting ONE big client win under my belt. Then, I'd leverage my result to secure more work.

Back when I was getting started, I wrote a Facebook ad that generated $250k+ in sales for my client. Once I knew they were happy — and I proved my worth — I secured a nice retainer. Of course they agreed. The rest is history.

Even if your client isn't ready to pay you more, they'll gladly refer you to their friends. People love helping each other out. You can even offer them 10% of the deal you close for referring the work. Like my friend said, it's all connected.

For more info about the types of deals you can make with your clients (and the pros and cons of each), go here to get started.

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