Treat Me Like An Idiot (Please?)

Had an interesting experience yesterday.

It involved scheduling an appointment for an in-person service from a business I've never used or visited before.

What was interesting about it was how poorly I felt they managed the onboarding process.

I felt they could've done a much better job at making me feel welcome and comfortable instead of awkward and unwanted. It was as if they didn't really care about me returning for another visit, which is a shame.

I enjoyed the service, but because I was treated so poorly during scheduling, reception, and after the service was completed, I won't be returning.

Too many times a business ignores the potential of onboarding a new customer. Creating a positive experience for him or her and ensuring they return for more help should be a priority.

When people visit a business, they want the business to take over.

People don't pay other people for bad experience; they want to be taken by the hand and directed to what's best.

I sure wish they treated me like an idiot and told me exactly what to do, what was best for me, and how to get the most value possible from my visit.

If they did, I'd be praising them right now instead of calling them out.

Raymond Duke