There's a giant atrium outside my window

gaylord hotel atrium.jpg

I was recently in Florida. (I'm in Turks and Caicos now -- post about that coming soon). 

An event from Todd Brown is what got me to book a flight from Prague to Orlando. It was 10 hours of flying. Not the funnest thing in the world.

Orlando was a lot like California. The streets with their strip malls and wide open spaces reminded me of Orange County. Coincidently, the area I was staying was also called Orange County.

After a two-night stay at an Airbnb, I spend 3 more nights at the Gaylord Palms Resort. The hotel was nice, but not the nicest I've been to. It had more show than service. 

For one, there's a giant atrium in the middle. Which was cool. There was also giant screen displaying ads for the hotel in middle of the atrium. Which wasn't cool.

The atrium area had different themes. There was a bayou, mock seaside, and a castle-like grounds. It wasn't overly exciting, but still a nice touch.

After the sparkle wears off, you realize it's just most other hotels. It's above average at best. The service was mediocre, everything is overpriced, and there wasn't anything special that would make me want to return.

In a way, it's a lot like how I feel about America right now. After living abroad for 9 months, coming back home to the States was, as I imagined it would be, a shock. I feel like the country is in a confusing time right now.

The main thing I was reminded of was how unhealthy everyone is. There are fat people in other countries, but not as many as in America. The US doesn't just have more fat people either, it has something you rarely see in other countries -- severely obese people. 

I'm talking about people so overweight, they don't look human. Some of them can't even walk and need a wheelchair to get around.

It's disgusting how a country so proud of itself has people who can't take care of themselves. The food is the main culprit. After eating a meal here, I had stomach cramps and felt myself in pain on the toilet.

My body had forgotten how toxic American food is. My biggest fear right now is I get readjusted to the food and I put back on the 25 pounds I lost from traveling and eating internationally.

No country is perfect. There are fat people and unhealthy foods in Europe, too. But it's not as severe as the states. The laws in other countries prevent some of the things that is deemed "okay" in the US. Why? Because of money.

The push to make money is strongest in America, for better or worse. While it's a central country for the economy, it comes at a cost. It's rotting from within. And the most-beautiful atrium in the world won't be able to stop it.