The Wrong Way To Learn Copywriting (And What To Do Instead)

Good grief.

Why are so many people complicating things these days? Some of my friends were telling me about their experiences at the recent Traffic & Confusion Summit. And about how they're being told they need a 42-step funnel with all kinds of knobs and levers that "bucket" you into different segments with Facebook Messenger bot automation.

Just thinking about this stresses me out.

When it comes to learning copy, I'm guessing you don't want confusing. You just want how to make your words make you money, so you can spend more time doing other stuff.

If this sounds like you, here's my offer.

If lend me your ear, I'll show you what I know about writing during 5 weeks of live, 60- to 90-minute training (via webinars).

During each webinar, I'm going to:

  • Present 10-15 minutes training about specific topics (how to sell with stories, write a headline, etc.)
  • Pause my training, before moving on, and take questions from the topic I just presented until everyone is ready to continue
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 until I've covered everything in that week's training

These 5 weeks of interactive training will eventually turn into an online program that teaches copywriting. If you want to wait until the program is done, that's your choice.

If you want to attend the 5 weeks of live calls, so you can ask questions and get answers, then you need to purchase my program today, April 1, before our first training begins at 8am PT / 11am ET.

There's already a small group who've signed up.

The price?

Update: the early-bird special is no longer available. You can still, however, access the program here.

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