The lazy (yet effective) way to get 50k+ Instagram followers

Have you heard about "same pic" accounts?

They're basically accounts that post the same picture every day. The pics range from celebrities to shoes to... toasters. Here's an example of one that has 50k followers.


These same pic accounts are not new, but right now — they're getting popular. My guess is people love them because they're fun, predictable, and often times engaging.

For example, on samepicofatoaster's Instagram, each daily update includes a question, thought, or something to generate comments.

As a copywriter, I find this interesting.

I mean, how hard is it to post the same pic daily with some engaging copy?

Not. Hard. At. All.

In fact, it'll probably take you 15-30 minutes a day. Max. Maybe a little more time to create and post stories.

Most of these accounts are someone's hobby, but the marketer in me sees an opportunity.

If you recall, not too long ago, blogging was my hobby. But once I saw the opportunity in getting paid to write... I turned my hobby into a 6+ figure business.

I'm seeing the same potential with this same pic accounts.

Here's how you can turn 15-30 minutes a day — by simply posting the same pic — into extra income:

  • Launch print on demand (POD) merch (using the same pic on your clothing, of course)

  • Post an image related to a product you're planning to launch (i.e., post the same cup of coffee picture every day to build an audience for your coffee subscription box)

  • Get paid sponsorships (e.g., get a toaster company to pay you to mention their toaster)

The big takeaway

Overall, the biggest takeaway for me with is the power of consistency. Do this daily, and people will find comfort — and getting an oh-so-sweet dopamine drip — when seeing the same daily pic that connects with their identity.

You don't need to be the greatest copywriter for this idea to work.

But it'll definitely help.

Knowing how to connect with your audience... understand their desires and fears... and all that other fun stuff that turns regular writing into sales... is where the money comes in. If you want help with the copywriting aspect of this — or any other business you plan to launch or work on, I can help.

Tokyo, JapanRaymond Duke