The Easiest Way To Travel The World While "Working" From Your Laptop


It’s been awhile since I've blogged.

I’m currently in South Africa.

For the past 10 days, I’ve been exploring Cape Town, Hout Bay, Table Mountain, and Stellenbosch.

And today, I'm staying here for two nights.

Where I'll be for 2 days, when I've not cage diving with great white sharks.

Where I'll be for 2 days, when I've not cage diving with great white sharks.

Tomorrow, we're going shark diving.

Yes, I'm willingly going to put myself in a cage, plunge into the ocean, and get up close and personal with a great white shark.

Should be fun, haha.

Some of the other amazing things I’ve been doing include...

Taking a cable car ride up Table Mountain — the 7th natural wonder of the world!

Check out this view!

The views here were stunning.

The views here were stunning.

Another cool thing I've done — wine tasting in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek, two towns with vineyards as old as 1684!

Here's a few pics of me and the vineyards.

Shortly after I took this pic, I was chasing chickens through the vineyards, haha.

Shortly after I took this pic, I was chasing chickens through the vineyards, haha.

And here's Franschhoek!

The views... to die for.

The views... to die for.

Beautiful, right?

The sunrises and sunsets here are some the most-amazing and colorful scenes I've ever seen.

Here's a sunset pic from my place in Lagoon Bay. 

A sunset from the place I'm staying at near Cape Town.

A sunset from the place I'm staying at near Cape Town.



In a few weeks from now, we're planning a safari on the Serengeti and a stay in Zanzibar.

I'm also thinking of doing a drive along the South African coast next week.


What a life!

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Raymond Duke

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