The Correlation Between Music and Copywriting

Like music, copywriting has rhythm.

Using the right copy in a sales letter — at the appropriate time — is like playing various instruments.

For example, let's look at the "—" I used above. 

The "—" represents a sudden change in thought, or in music speak: a random, unexpected note.

Another similarity between copywriting and music is the buildup.

One of the ways I like to write is to start with simple sentences.

For example, this one.

Then, as I continue to write, I expand each sentence.

Each sentence then becomes longer than the last, just like you see in this example. 

At this post, I have multiple options:

  • I can either continue to expand the sentences
  • I can end suddenly
  • I can gradually use shorter sentences

Additionally, I can mix things up with a bullet-point list, like the example above.

Either way, there's a flow happening.

A simple structure.

That, once mastered, makes your copy easy to read.

Just like great music is fun to listen to.

That's your free lesson for today.

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CopywritingRaymond Duke