thanks for the ..."Americano"? (new copywriting course!)

Why would my waitress pour coffee into my water?

Obviously, she was either:

  • Hungover
  • Lost in the gaze of my eyes

Take your pick.

When she came back, I told her (in a playful way)...

"This is my water. This is my coffee. And this is the creamer. You have a 33% chance of getting it right this time."

She laughed. I laughed. Twas' a good morning.

So here's the reason why I was treating myself to breakfast — I'm creating a copywriting course this weekend!

That's right. Starting (I just sat down at Viento Y Agua, a coffee spot I like to work from in Long Beach) and for the next 48 hours I'm creating a course about how to improve your copywriting. This upcoming course will cover the 4 U's of Copywriting, which was what my talk was about last week at Tai's.

I got such a good response from that talk that I decided to package it up as a course.

The course will have more examples, videos, and a community.

More details to come, soon.

Stay tuned.

By the way...

If you were on my email list, I invited people to the community for free. 

So that's yet another reason you might wanna be on this.

Just saying.