So I started a chocolate business

Check it out here.

It's been an interesting and fun journey so far. The last time I was this excited about starting something new was when I first discovered copywriting.

There are so many aspects about chocolate to explore ...and write about.

The concept of the business is simple.

Every month I:

  • Travel to a new location around the world
  • Interact with bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the area
  • Purchase their products and send them to my customers via a monthly box subscription

There are many challenges ahead; such as making sure my shipments don't melt, when — and how — to hire support, and scheduling my purchases. 

Yet instead of being intimidating by these challenges, I'm looking forward to them.

I figure it's the entrepreneurial side of me.

Similar to how spinach makes Popeye stronger, solving problems makes me smarter.

If you want to follow along as I grow my business, keep an eye on

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