Press Me! Do This To Write CTA Copy For Your Buttons And Links

Had a great call yesterday. I went on (and on) for two hours!

For the unaware, I did a copywriting talk at Tai's place. For two straight hours, I shared insights about the "4 U's of Copywriting" and answered several dozens questions from the audience.

One of the many things I talked about was how to write copy for your "calls to action" — that is, the words you write on your buttons and links.

Because I'm a man of the people, I want to also share this tip with you.

Here's the tip:

When writing CTA copy, think: verbs

Words like:

  • Go
  • Get
  • Take
  • Give me
  • Send

The reason why you want to think verbs is because a CTA is directing people elsewhere. And in order to take someone from point A to point B, you need movement. You need action.

I could go more indepth about this, but I wanted to keep this tip a short one. What I just gave you is some surface-level info you can take action on.


Here's how:

If you're writing copy this week, think verbs when writing copy that directs people elsewhere (e.g., your buttons, links, etc.).

And if you already have copy on your website, emails, etc. — do a quick check and see if you're using verbs on your CTAs. If you're not using verbs, I'd love to hear what happens when you do an update and your conversions go up.

That's about it for now...

Just one more thing.

If you want to see the talk I did — and other talks from the experts in Tai's VIP program — use this link to join his program: