One copywriting formula to rule them all

There are thousands of copywriting techniques. Pop "copywriting formula" into Google and you'll get around 627,000 results. It's insane and overwhelming to think about. 

As for me? I prefer simplicity. Whenever I have a copywriting project... no matter if it's for an physical product or a digital course... I rely on the tried-and-true copywriting method of writing a sales page.

A sales page (or sales letter) is a best bang-for-buck way to write copy. The reason why is because a sales page covers EVERYTHING — from getting attention to telling a store to getting someone to act NOW — in one go. 

You might be thinking, "Who has the time to read a sales page?"

There's a little truth to that. The world IS busier than normal and attention spans are dropping. But just because people are busy and distracted, does not mean a well-written sales page won't work.

Here's why.

A sales page is the core of any sales message. I don't care what you sell, a sales page does everything you need to get more customers. It captures attention, counters objections, and makes someone act NOW.

And here's the kicker:

Even if you're not using an actual sales page in your marketing, knowing how to write one helps you write powerful:

  • Emails (autoresponders and broadcasts)

  • Content (blogs, podcasts, etc.)

  • Product launches

  • Paid ads

  • Website copy

  • Video scripts

  • And ANY other part of your sales message

Basically, any component you need for your marketing can be pulled from your sales page. This is why someone wants my help with writing copy, I focus on sales pages. By teaching you how to write headlines, subheadlines, bullets, stories, and closes, you'll have everything you need to sell any product or service.

As for where to spend 80% of your time when writing a sales page?

It's your headline. It's knowing what to say to not only get someone's attention, it's how to say it in a way that makes them want to read more. Once you have your headline, your copy is more than 75% done. The rest is simply writing counters to objections and supporting claims with proof.

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Tokyo, JapanRaymond Duke