My "first" $20/hour freelance copywriting job

This morning I got my "first" copywriting client.

Here's the story:

Last week I started an experiment where I document how I'd build a successful freelance copywriting business from scratch.

Here are the results so far:

  • 5 proposals sent
  • 1 client closed at $20/hr

$20/hr isn't much. 

(Note: my fees are anywhere between $5k - $30k).

But when you consider — I'm using a completely new profile that does NOT leverage anything I've ever done, it's not a bad start.

People think freelancing on Upwork is a race to the bottom. These people are wrong. It's only a race to the bottom when you devalue your services!

Every proposal sent on this new profile has been documented inside of a private group. More importantly, the private group also shares several updates about the reasons why I wrote the proposals the way I did.

If you want to look over my shoulder as I continue to build this "new" business, you can join right now at the lowest price possible.

Click the button below to shadow me as I grow this brand new freelance copywriting business from scratch.