Made it to Georgetown, Penang (Malaysia)

After a decent 4-hour train ride from Kuala Lumpur, I made it to Georgetown. The train did not take me directly to my destination — I had to take a cab from the train station to my hotel. I could've taken a ferry, but from what the cab driver told me that could take up to 2 hours.

Was he lying? Possibly. But he got me to my hotel — The Wembley — in roughly 30 minutes, so I'm happy either way. I paid him extra for his service. He smiled.

While Georgetown is still a busy city, it's not as busy as Kuala Lumpur. The lifestyle here is more chill, which I like. I've been stressed lately, so this slower change of pace is welcome.

I may end up in Langkawi next week, which will slow things down even more (it's a small island). I'm not sure if I'll go there yet. I'm a little burned out from traveling and staying in Georgetown until I leave to Australia sounds nice.

The only picture I've taken so far is from my hotel room. I'm up on the 29th floor. Check out the view.

The Wembley Hotel 29th floor at night.jpg

After arriving yesterday, I didn't go out and went to bed. Currently, I'm working from a cafe and museum called Kim Haus. It's a good place to work, but the internet could be faster.