Just Arrived: Gili Air

I want to start blogging regularly again. I'm going to get things going by writing one post a day. I can't promise the posts will be interesting or helpful. This is more for me than for you.

However, I will be thinking about you (i.e., my reader) when I write. I'm not a fan of talking to myself. So while I will be writing these posts for ME, there should be at least one takeaway within each posts that's beneficial for you.

So, let's talk.

Today I arrived in Gili Air, which is a small island about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Bali. Gili Air doesn't allow automobiles, takes about 90 minutes to walk around, and is supposed to have both a partying and relaxing vibe.

It's too early for me to say whether or not Gili Air is worth visiting. Until now, I've been having a lot of crazy-good experiences back in Bali. They've been so good that I've been struggling capturing them with pictures or video.

But with writing? I think I can do that. I am a writer after all. I should be able to capture memories and experiences with my words.

For the record, the type of writing I'm doing now isn't how I'd normally write for a client. This blog is more like a brain dump. Some people write blogs with tips and try to rank for SEO, but that's not my style.

I write because I simply like to write. It's my way of expressing myself. You should try it.

When people ask me how can they become better at writing, this is what I say: write how your day went before you go to bed. Summarize each experience from the moment you woke up to where you're writing from.

Doing this will make you a better writer. Trust me. I know so because writing is a matter of getting your thoughts into text. When you write about your day you're recollecting each moment you went through.

Over time you'll become more observant to the world around you. This is why I love traveling: it allows me to open myself up to new experiences.

Well, that's about all I have time to write about right now. I'm meeting some friends for dinner at a restaurant called Pura Vida. I looked it up on Google and didn't find much. Some of the spots here are so new (or don't care about online presence?) that the only way to check them out is in person.

Going to be an interesting 3-7 days (haven't decided how long I'll stay) on this small dot in the ocean!

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