It's hard to not get fat in Georgetown

Georgetown, Penang in Malaysia is a foodie heaven. Almost everywhere you go you'll find cheap and delicious food. However unlike my experiences Bali, the food in Malaysia isn't the healthiest.

But damn, it's good.

I decided to extend my stay here in Georgetown. It's not just because of the food. I'm enjoying my time here and I don't feel like traveling for a few weeks.

Having this type of freedom something I'm thankful for. I recently read this article from Outside Magazine about being a digital nomad that gives good insight into my lifestyle.

While it shared several things I can relate to — like scooter accidents in Bali or working in swim trunks by the pool — the one thing I don't have in common with the people in the article is I do not choose to live and work alongside others.

I might use this company called Roam to give co-living a try when I go to Tokyo, but I generally prefer my independence.