I learned how to make kimchi in Korea

I recently took a kimchi making class in Seoul, South Korea. The class taught me a lot about the process. I now want to make kimchi for my family next Christmas.

Kimchi takes several hours to multiple days to make. The time varies based on which part of the process you begin at.

Are you picking 100 cabbages from the ground? If so, best call your family to come help you.

My kimchi class began with a tour of the local market.

Anything and everything Korean can be found here.

From pork feet loaded with collagen (which Korean women love, because it's good for their skin) to blocks of tofu and jelly, you can find it all.

After the market, it was kimchi making time.

Everything was hands on. I got the cut the vegetables, mix the seasoning, and bag my goodies to take home at the end.

By the way, my instructor's name was Jomin. She spent 10 years as a travel writer before becoming a cooking instructor. Like me, Jomin believes taking cooking classes is a great way to discover a culture while making friends.

If you find yourself in Korea, book one or more of her many Korean cooking classes here.