How to write compliant Facebook ads (inside tips from a rep)

Yesterday morning, while wearing my yakata at Hanafubuki — a Japanese ryokan onsen in Izu Peninsula, Japan — I had a call with a Facebook ad rep named Sarah.

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During the call, Sarah explained what to do — and what to avoid — when writing Facebook ads. I learned a lot... and I'll share a few tips with you in a moment.

I wanna first talk about the amazing 3-day experience I had. 

It begin with a train ride along the Japanese coast. The weather was beautiful; skies were blue and it wasn't too hot or cold.


After checking in, and drink tea made with kuromoji (a rare "spicebush" found only in the Izu Peninsula), I checked into my room.


Hanafabuki is located in middle of a forest — a great writing environment.

And here's what I was looking forward to most, an onsen (natural mineral water hot spring bath).

IMG_20181007_150925 (1).jpg

There are 7 on the premises — and they're all private.

A combination of very hot water and natural minerals are great for your skin and energy.

The next day, I caught the sunrise along the coast. I also explored an inactive volcano. Walking along the ridge felt like taking a "stairway to heaven".


I got more pics about that adventure on my Instagram.

On the way back from the ryokan, I stopped in a resort-like city named Atami... and had dinner in a 60-year-old, family-ran, sushi restaurant. 

Great times.

And, I was able to work and stay productive throughout my entire trip.

All I needed was wifi (which was provided at the resort — and, on my phone using Google Fi) to work on my business. And have a call with Facebook.

During our call, here's what I learned:

  • Clearly define whatever your links go (down to explaining what they'll get and how it works)

  • Never make direct claims (e.g., "you will make $1,000 in a day)

  • Facebook has a way of listening to not just what's written — but what's said in the video... so the same rules for compliance apply to the audio, too

If you're writing Facebook ads, follow the rules above to avoid being denied.

Or even worse, banned!

Hope it helps.

Tokyo, JapanRaymond Duke