How To Sell With Emotion And Reason With Logic When You're Making Money Online

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There's a lot of unsexy things about online marketing.

This is post is about one of them.

I imagine people don't like to talk about the unsexy side of things, because... well, it's unsexy. 

Which brings me to my point about using emotions to sell.

(I'll get to the reasoning with logic part in a sec.)

Okay, so, it's well-known that emotions make people buy; they're the perfect motivator.

As a copywriter, it's my duty to figure out the emotions that'll get a response—and build a campaign around them.

This is a lot of fun... yet it's also hard work, and if you don't use both logic and emotion you'll lose money.

Let me give you an example.

This past week I've been working on a CPA campaign. (CPA marketing is when you get a commission after someone clicks your link and buys a product.)

Here's what happened during the first 48 hours.

  • Day 1: 2 sales within the first 15 minutes (yay!)
  • Day 2: 0 sales within 24 hours (boo!)

Why was this so?

Was something broken?

I though that might've been it, but all the links were working and the ad was performing well.

In fact, the ad was getting $0.04 clicks from an audience of 440,000 and a click through rate (CTR) is 10%!

But they ain't buying... so I was thinking about turning the campaign off and started over.

Now here's where the logic kicks in.

You see, I spoke with someone way more experience than I and he told me to keep it running; he said, keep it on for at least a week and then look at the data.

He was right, obviously. 

The logical side of me couldn't see this.

It's hard to approach your own projects with logic; your emotions kick in because you're so invested with your own work. 

The harshest critic with anything you do will be you.

With my campaign, I almost let my emotions get the best of me.

But since I followed the advice given, I've gotten more data to look at (and, one more sale).

I know these numbers are small... but a sale is a sale. 

Once you find something that works, you can scale it.

But this is only possible when you have the data.

By the way, I also now know a few things to test to increase my conversion rate.

Bottom line: keep your head in the game; don't give up when making money online. 

Emotions'll help you get started, but it's logic that'll make you stick with it!

Never forget that.

CopywritingRaymond Duke