How To Sell Anything — Without Having a Sales Funnel, Lead Magnet, Or {Latest Internet Marketing Buzzword}

Since launching my 4U Copywriting Course last weekend, I've been getting several sales a day.

"So what," you say?

Well — let me tell you about the important business lesson behind what I've done.

Here's the lesson...

At the time of this post, my 4U Copywriting Course doesn't have a sales page.

In fact, there is also . . . 

  • No sales funnel
  • No lead magnet
  • No automated webinar sequence

The only thing I've done so far to sell my course is send potential buyers directly to the order page.

And yet, even though I'm breaking all the "rules" of Internet Marketing, I've still managed to generate more in a week — passively — than most do putting in 80+ hours at their 9-5.

But, Raymond, I NEED a sales funnel before I start selling!

My answer to that?


You don't.

Now, it's not like I will never have a sales page or a sales funnel.

At some point, I will.

But here's the thing — before you start working on automating the sales process, you need something else first.

You need sales.

I'm from the school of thought that you should generate sales before you get all fancy. 

Then — once you have sales, customers, and feedback — you can start building things out.

It's quite simple.


So How was I able to get sales — without having a sales page?

Here's the answer:

It's because of previously built rapport with the people who follow me.

Getting a sale is not just about "the sale"; it's about the before and after, too.

(That sentence above is looking mighty tweetable . . . )

What you do to build rapport how you communicate with your customers matters. 

I believe in taking care of your customers.

In fact, one of my recent copywriting projects with the world's leading expert on customer service — Jay Baer, writer of the bestselling book Hug Your Haters — reiterates my point.

It basically comes down to this.

If you wanna sell, treat your people well

You best believe it.

And, you best believe my 4U Copywriting Course customers will be well taken care of by yours truly.

By the way, I have several exciting ideas for improving the content of my 4U Copywriting Course.

Like, adding more content, hosting customer-only events, and sending invites to an exclusive FB group for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to improve their copywriting.

. . . What's that, you say?

You don't have my copywriting course, yet?

Well, we need to fix that.

Here you go.