How To Save Money While Marketing Your Product

Here's a copywriting tip that from "old school", that's easily forgotten by today's noobie-doobie marketers, about who you should focus your time and energy on when marketing your offer.

Before I tell you what it is, let me give you a hint: it's not your prospects, semi-interested folks, or even optins. Those are all audiences you *can* market to, but when it comes to thinking about who to write for, who to research, and how to save the most money possible while marketing your offer, there's just one type of person to consider: buyers.

People who've previously spent money on your offer — or similar offers — are who you should focus on with your marketing.

It's much, much easier to convert people who've bought something before. The reason why is because buyers are already invested in the market you're selling products/services to, which makes your job is much easier.

"But, Raymond, oh wise one, what if I don't have any buyers yet?"

Don't worry, my young apprentice, let me guide you toward a solution.

If you don't have buyers for your product or service, simply find buyers out there for a similar offer.

This could be your direct or indirect competitor:

  • A direct competitor is someone who has a similar product to you.
  • An indirect competitor is someone who sells goods in the same market (e.g., you sell golf clubs, they sell golf clothing).

When you think about targeting your marketing this way, you'll have a much easier time writing copy and making sales.

That's your lesson for today.

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