How To Prove Anything (To Anyone) At Any Time — Even If They're Skeptical

Sharzad Modeli, a member of my Facebook group for copywriting for asks...

What is foremost thing beginners need to focus on when learning the skill of copywriting, and why do you find that is? (Eg. research, just the act of writing daily, listening etc)

Here's my reply.

New copywriters would benefit by focusing on this one thing: believability. Simply put, the more people believe you (or, believe IN you), the better your sales will be. 

Even experienced copywriters would benefit from doing everything possible to make people believe what you have to say.

So, how do you make people believe you?

There are many ways.

Most of which have to do with having as much ultra-specific proof to your copy as possible.

Here are a few ways to increase the amount of believability in your copy.

  • Demonstration — Seeing is believing, so if you can demonstrate how your product works it. 
  • 3rd party proof — If you can get another party (e.g., the news, an influential figure, an expert) to back up your claims it.
  • Showcase people you've helped — If you have a product/service that helps people and you can showcase people you've helped it.

Many times copywriters make the mistake of thinking they can trick people into buying. Tricking people works... but it's not a long-term play, nor is it a good foundation to build a business on.

You'd save a lot of time (and, eventually make more money) if you all you can to make people believe you. 

This is, of course, only applicable if you have something worth believing in.

Raymond Duke