How People Make Money Flipping Website Domains

In real estate, there's this concept called "flipping".

Flipping is when buy a home, usually at an auction so you can cheaper rate than normal; fix it up, and then sell it for a profit later.

It's simple, really.

  • Buy a house for a low price.
  • Sell it for higher than what you paid.
  • Profit.

But here's something you might be unfamiliar to you...

This same concept of flipping a house also applies to flipping a website.

Here's the gist of how website flipping works.

  • Instead of buying property — you buy a domain (website address).
  • Instead of fixing it up with paint  — you add a WordPress theme (the "look and feel" for the site).
  • Instead of selling it to a family — you sell your domain to a business (who'll pay top dollar... if you fix up the site).

Now, there's a lot of money in doing this.

And it's not unheard of for people to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

Unfortunately, the fact that it's seemingly easy is bad news for you... here's why.

Because of how "easy" website flipping sounds, it attracts online marketers faster than flies on a turd.

This means the website flipping concept is extremely competitive.

Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can go to Namecheap, buy a domain, and sell it on Flippa (a website selling website).

I'm telling you this to warn you... if you want to go the website flipping route, prepare yourself in advance for what you're getting into.

Still here?


Here's what I suggest you do next.

Instead of winging it, going alone, and figuring things out by yourself... discover how the website flipping business works from someone with a track record who's willing to share his success.

This way, you'll be far ahead of the competition.

When it comes to finding an expert, here's the guy I'm recommending.

With his program, you'll learn:

  • How to find profitable website domains — and purchase them for $9
  • How to easily fix up a website — so you can increase its value 
  • How to flip a site — and make 500%—1,000% (or greater) profit

Don't sleep on this.

Because just like in real estate, there's a limited amount of property available.

And once someone buys a domain, they own it. 

Why should someone else profit from a domain you can buy for $9 and resell a few weeks later?

Here's how.

This is something you can do on the side, if you want.

And it'll be a great source of income to supplement whatever it is you're already doing.

And even if you don't plan to become a full-time website flipper...

The knowledge gained from the program will help you with learn how buying and selling websites works.

So check this out (while it's still available).

I have no idea how much longer it'll be around.

    Raymond Duke