How To Force People To Do Your Bidding: Jedi Secrets From The Dark Side

how to force people to do your budding - jedi secrets from the dark side

So last night I, finally, saw Star Wars.

I thought I'd be the last person on the planet to see the flick, but the place I went to was packed!

Within minutes of the film's intro, I was sucked in and immersed with the material.

Now, I'm obviously not a huge Star Wars geek... I did wait a few weeks to see the film, after all.

But I do appreciate a good film, especially when it's built upon a powerful story.

The fact that Star Wars is breaking records is another reason why I wanted to see the movie.

As a copywriter, it's extremely important to stay on top of what the market wants, talks about, and... pays money for!

Anyway, about halfway into the film I noticed something powerful going on... (no spoiler here, don't worry): the usage of the force.

The force is basically the mojo that's embedded within everything; it's the thread that's interwoven throughout the entire universe.

And, if you become a master of the force, you can manipulate, control, and have power over all things created... people, objects, thoughts... anything you want.

In a way, the force reminds me of copywriting.

Because with copy, you can make people do your bidding.

You can speak to their emotions, needs, wants, and desires... so you can get them to convince themselves taking the action you want them to take is what's best for them.

But how?

It's simple, my young padawan.

  1. Determine out what you want someone to do.
  2. Figure out why they'd care to do it — what's in it for them?
  3. List why they'd reject you — and write down a minimum of 3 counters for each objection.
  4. Ask leading questions that help them decide for themselves the action you want them to take.

Let's test this.

Let's say I wanted you to sign up for my email list (that's step 1).

Next, I'd figure out why'd you want to become an email subscriber.

  • You'll get the latest info
  • You'll get exclusive offers
  • You'll help me create content tailored to your specific goals

Okay, cool.

Next, I'd figure out why you'd reject me... and counter each one with at least 3 replies.

  • You're on too many email lists.
  • You don't trust me.
  • You're not really interested in me.

(Note: I'm not actually going to do the countering part. Why? Because I'm feeling lazy right now.)

Finally, I'd ask you leading questions.

  • Would you like the latest copywriting info?
  • Are you sick and tired of copywriters who don't keep you up-to-date with what's-working-now?
  • Would you like short, engaging, and interesting emails that help you grow your business?

I could go on, but you get the point.

That's how I'd go about using the force to make you do my bidding.

You can model this for whatever it is you do, too.

Good luck.

The force is within you.

All you gotta do is use it.

(By the way, get on my list.)

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