How To Prevent Low-Quality People From Destroying Your Life

As you get older, you have less time and more responsibility.

To help me fitler quality from low-quality people in life, I've been asking myself this simple question whenever I read or talk to the person.

Is this person giving or taking?

You want someone who understands the balance between the two. Someone who knows how to give something helpful, such as advice, a resource, or anything else they KNOW will benefit you. Someone thoughtful.

You also want someone who knows the right way to take.

Someone who requests something without being needy. Someone who doesn't take advantage of you. Someone who understands that by asking, they're racking up tacking up "reciprocal debt" in the relationship.

Here's an example.

I was Tindering the other day and found a profile that was all about what SHE wanted. It was a series of criteria she was not requesting, she was demanding.

She was a taker, not a giver.

The reality is, some guys will see a pretty fact and let a woman take, take, take. When that happens, all respect is loss. The girl loses respect for the guy and the guy loses the respect of his peers.

It's a lose-lose situation.

This analogy applies to bidness, too.

In your business relationships, it's oh-so-important to balance the give-take relationship. My best business partners (which are very few) don't ask anything from me unless it's SUPER important. They understand that by taking, they're going to have to give.

Here's something actionable you can start using today.

The next time you're interacting with someone — either someone new in your life, or an old friend, ask yourself:

Are they giving or taking something from me?

If you find someone taking more than giving, cut them off.

It's just not worth it.

You'll be a better person by not having those people in your life.

Trust me.

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